Peace, justice & strong institutions Supporting corporate governance

Corporate governance based on the rule of law, peace, stability and human rights are important conduits for responsible development.

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How we conduct business

The Ethics & Compliance programme seeks to ensure that the Company's business practices conform to applicable laws and regulations, as well as to ethical business principles, and so establish a culture of integrity

At Airbus, we engineer the future to address global challenges. We create innovative and sustainable solutions, driving our industry forward to enhance mobility and help defend freedom. We focus on the people with and for whom we work.

For Airbus, responsibility and sustainability start with good governance. We’re building our future on strong corporate governance frameworks, including controls and risk management and ethics & compliance. Good governance is both anti-corruption and provides a platform for creating value.

Moving beyond the baseline

Aerospace and defence companies must comply with a number of corporate governance regulations controlling their export activities. The Airbus Export Compliance Office ensures full compliance with all applicable export/import and trade regulations, including economic sanctions, which apply to the Company's products, technologies and services.

Airbus is committed to preventing bribery and corruption. It regularly updates its Business Ethics policies to cover all risks, while training employees according to the level of risk they face.

ERM, Enterprise Risk Management, is a crucial mechanism for both mitigating the risks faced by the company and identifying future opportunities. ERM is a permanent top-down and bottom-up process which is executed across Airbus Divisions on each level of the organisation.

Our commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are directly contributing to many of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by United Nations in 2015. You can click on each goal to find out more about our involvement.

Corporate governance

Airbus' Corporate governance has evolved in order to match our ambition, achieve our missions and reach the goals we set ourselves.

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