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Airbus, Saint-Nazaire

Located in the Montoir-de-Bretagne commune, the Saint-Nazaire site, which is certified in integration, assembles and equips the nose and centre fuselages for all Airbus aircraft. The site is indispensable as it then delivers the aircraft sections to all the final assembly lines by Beluga air transport, or by maritime, fluvial and then land transport for the A380.

Airbus Saint-Nazaire activities: integrator of nose and centre fuselages.

Four assembly stages are carried out on the Saint-Nazaire site:

  • The assembly of the structure: Assembly of nose sections and nose and centre fuselages, assembly of doors, and installation of windows.
  • Painting: Application of water-repellent paints (which protect against water and humidity), anti-corrosive paints, and primers.
  • Equipment: Installation of systems vital to the aircraft: electrical wiring, pipes (air, hydraulic, water), air conditioning, insulation, blankets, and floor panels.
  • Tests: The equipment is tested before it leaves for the final assembly line.

Did you know?

They call the city the "Little Breton California"!

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