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Passionate about aerospace, Vlad has always dreamed of working in this field: “When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. This passion for aviation and flight never left me.” From Romania, nothing predestined him to come to France until he met a French teacher in high school. “He described a French engineer as an expert with deep domain knowledge, who solves hard technical problems, does good business and in the evening goes to the opera. This speech didn’t leave me indifferent,” said Vlad. Vlad started his career at Airbus with an apprenticeship as a Big Data Architect and then kept this role for another two years. One of the tasks he had with his 6 teammates was to prototype a datalake. “We quickly understood the importance for Airbus to have one.” To convince the stakeholders of the value of a central datalake, they used it to solve several shop floor challenges. The project team won an Excellence Award for its achievements. This was one of the many pre-cursors to what has now become Skywise: Airbus’s open data aviation platform. If, like Vlad, you want to work on cool data sets in Airbus and have a real impact on global aviation, then join us! https://tinyurl.com/y94jz6u5

Following the International Day of Persons with Disability, we have six inspiring stories to share with you. The first one is about Rene, an Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice who learns how to build airplanes at Airbus in Bremen. Rene loves the variety of the tasks, responsibility he gets and the teamwork at Airbus. Despite his handicap, he feels great support from his fellow colleagues and he always finds the way to finish his tasks on time. Disability is not a barrier to work at #Airbus. #InternationalDisabilityDay #idpwd #WeAreAirbus