E-Fan spreads its wings!

E-Fan Family: continuous evolution

The E-Fan demonstrator’s evolution into its “Plus” version

The path forward in electric aviation innovation continues with updates to Airbus’ E-Fan demonstrator

The Airbus’ E-Fan electric aircraft demonstrator – which made history by crossing the English Channel last July – will be once again be in the spotlight this month.

Air intakes for the E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator’s range-extending internal combustion engine are visible on the upper fuselage behind the pilot.

E-Fan is making its world debut in a new hybrid “Plus” configuration, appearing at the U.S. EAA Oshkosh AirVenture gathering in Wisconsin. The E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator takes off and lands on electrical power, drastically reducing the noise level at low altitudes. The aircraft now incorporates a thermal (internal combustion) engine as a flight range extender, which generates enough electricity to sustain level flight at maximum cruise speed and simultaneously charge the on-board array of lithium-ion batteries.

The E-Fan demonstrator’s evolution into its “Plus” version has been coordinated by Airbus Innovations – the Airbus’s global research and technology network – and marks another step in the corporation’s goal of emission-free, quiet flight through a long-term electric aircraft roadmap.

For its first public appearance, the E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator will be exhibited during EAA Oshkosh AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport from 25-31 July (in Tent #63-64), bringing Airbus’s vision for the future to an event that has earned its reputation as “the world’s greatest aviation celebration.”

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