Taking tourism into the 21st century

Airbus Innovations is finding down-to-earth applications for its capabilities with a digital way-post in Wales

Visitors to the Welsh countryside are tapping into the future of tourism with DigE-Post, an Airbus Innovations digital way-post that brings together the organization’s capabilities in system architecture, digital infrastructure and energy management.

The DigE-Post digital tourism system is affixed to way-posts such as those typically found along trails.

The system – which was developed through a cooperative project with the Welsh Government and has been initially installed at Cwmcarn Forest in Wales’ Caerphilly County – uses digitally-enabled information stations installed on the way-posts that are typically found along trails throughout the Welsh countryside.

“DigE-Post gave us an exciting opportunity to work on a product that the general public can use every day as a source of key information, or to enhance tourism and leisure activities,” explained Tomás Sánchez López, Head of Data Analysis and Interaction at Airbus Innovations in Newport, UK, which led the project in coordination with the Welsh government. 

Providing visitor information


DigE-Post stations installed in the Cwmcarn Forest to date

Each DigE-Post station provides visitor information in text, audio or video formats, including directions to follow on the trail, descriptions of the surroundings, points of interest, updates on weather conditions, as well as emergency alerts when necessary.

DigE-Post is housed inside a weather-tight enclosure and powered by an underground battery that is charged by a wind turbine and solar panel installed on the way-post. DigE-Post units are networked through wireless radio, allowing their remote management and synchronization from such locations as a visitor center.

Also included in the DigE-Post information system is a website that serves as an online registration and data repository, where visitors can access information available for the tourist sites and their trails prior to departure. The website is linked via the data repository to the DigE-post smartphone application, which can be synchronised so that tourist site information is available even without an Internet connection.

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