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Updates on research and technology from Airbus Innovations – the Airbus network of research facilities, scientists, engineers and partnerships.

18.08.2016 Updates to the E-Fan technology demonstrator are helping Airbus gain valuable experience for more electric aviation
01.08.2016 Airbus’s InFactory Solutions is delivering for the future with products and services for connected manufacturing
31.07.2016 The E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator aircraft will help Airbus validate hybrid propulsion technologies for aircraft
26.07.2016 The Airbus’s next step forward in electric aviation is on display at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
19.07.2016 Airbus spotlights innovation at its biennial Hall of Fame awards organized by the Corporate Technical Office 
18.07.2016 Airbus is pioneering uses of immersive virtual reality for human factors engineering research and other applications
15.07.2016 A new step in Airbus Innovations’ advanced cyber security capabilities is displayed at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow
14.07.2016 Airbus spotlights its relationship with the international Red Cross in bringing new solutions to humanitarian aid
14.07.2016 E-Fan spreads it wings with Airbus' updates to this demonstrator aircraft
08.04.2016 Two new steps forward in Airbus’s pursuit of more-electric aircraft
31.03.2016 Airbus Innovations is using its capabilities to explore the future of tourism with the DigE-Post digital way-post in Wales
24.03.2016 Imagining the future: Young transportation design students provide a fresh perspective on electric airplane concepts
07.03.2016 Airbus CEO joins Perlan II stratospheric glider team as pressurised test flights begin
12.02.2016 Airbus Innovations to develop humanoid robots with French and Japanese researchers 

Airbus Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti to leave in April

27.01.2016 Airbus’s groundbreaking E-Fan electric airplane programme is recognized as Best Aviation Technical Development of 2015

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