Industry, innovation & infrastructure Moving at hypersonic speed

Sustained investment in infrastructure and innovation – from retrofitted winglets to hypersonic travel – are crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

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Innovation meets sustainability

Airbus is committed to fostering innovation to become an eco-efficient and sustainable enterprise, a more profitable company where environmental performance helps to drive growth.

The Company is using technological innovation to help address critical issues such as sustainable mobility, production infrastructure, cyber security and climate change. Our network of research facilities, scientists, engineers and partnerships drives our long-term growth at technology’s cutting edge.

How we build a resilient infrastructure and foster innovation

Airbus designs and integrates complex aerospace and defence products, from high-flying spacecraft to ground-penetrating radar, leveraging an extensive supply chain

We’re focused on improving supply chain management, working closely with suppliers in order to ensure the timely delivery of major programmes, which leads to shared success. Tools for fostering control and transparency support our philosophy of collaboration across the supply chain.

Shared sourcing provisions

Subcontracting volume with disability friendly companies has grown by 158%, from €6.4 million to €16.5 million. Having made such a positive impact, the procurement project now extends across all Divisions and countries.

Airbus has formalised a set of corporate social responsibility policies for its suppliers, aiming to achieve sustainable development by balancing economic with environmental and social considerations.

These CSR sourcing provisions are to be acknowledged and observed by all suppliers of.airbusgroup.companies in connection with all orders issued under general purchasing conditions of.airbusgroup.companies.

Since 2011, Airbus France has promoted employment of disabled people by its suppliers, increasing sourcing from 'disability friendly' companies. A specific clause has been integrated into calls for tender.

Strengthening relationships: our approach in India

The Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ policy is at the front and centre of Airbus' business strategy in the country. 

How we boost innovation

Airbus’ business accelerator BizLab is open to disruptive ideas within and outside the aerospace ecosystem, and its already attracting startups from all over the world.

Airbus Innovations is also hard at work, from researching concepts like hypersonic travel to transforming the electrical system of the E-Fan all-electric aircraft.

Collaborations are also key to our success. We're working with Neil Gershenfeld at MIT, for example, to explore the use of digital fabrication in aerospace. 

The Company not only innovates on future concepts but also works to accelerate the pace of innovation through a dedicated innovation centre A>3 – and a corporate venture fund – Airbus Ventures – in California’s Silicon Valley.

Our commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are directly contributing to many of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by United Nations in 2015. You can click on each goal to find out more about our involvement.

Global Presence

Airbus constantly strives for improvement by forging new partnerships and strengthening its localised presence around the globe.

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