Quality education STEM + soft skills = bright futures

Achieving inclusive and quality education – including STEM subjects and soft skills – reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful vehicles for progress.

Quality education CSR

Developing our people

With more than 136,500 employees worldwide, learning every day is part of who we are. Communication skills and mobile resources help our business move forward and our people develop. The opportunities to learn from working in new teams, functions and countries are central to our success. We grow and learn together, drawing from our diversity, experiences and shared passion for aeronautics, space and defence.

Within aerospace, we aim to maintain our status as an employer of choice, creating an inclusive and engaging workplace for all employees, while fostering relationships with universities.

Partnering with universities across the world

Bringing industry and education together, the Airbus University Partner Programme connects a global network of universities to develop the engineers of the future. Apprenticeships within the Group quickly reveal that a career at Airbus provides the chance to work within a truly international team.

We value cultural diversity. Recruiting from varied areas and backgrounds gives us the best opportunity to hire outstanding talent, boosting engagement, innovation and long-term value. And with the training, mentoring, coaching and on-the-job development opportunities we offer, employees can shape their careers and build key competences in technical skills, leadership, soft skills and languages.

Investing in the next generation of engineers

Building tomorrow’s leaders, engineers and aerospace workforce is an Airbus  commitment that knows no borders or limitations. In order to sustain the future growth of the aerospace industry and promote diversity in the workplace we invest in youth engagement initiatives and apprenteceship programmes at inspire both boys and girls to focus on science and technology studies.

The ‘Airbus Little Engineer’ initiative has already reached more than 2,000 students in Africa and the Middle East. It is dedicated to encouraging young people to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects through engaging robotic based aviation and space hands-on workshops.

Through its different programmes, the Airbus Foundation invests in the future of the communities it supports, sharing with young people a passion for science in general and aeronautics in particular. The Foundation continuously develops initiatives that inspire and empower children and young adults through aerospace.

Airbus Leadership University

Inaugurated on 19 September 2016, the Airbus Leadership University provides state-of-the-art development programmes and vocational training for around 17,000 people. The University is involving entrepreneurs and start-ups in the development of the company's leaders. 

Our commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are directly contributing to many of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by United Nations in 2015. You can click on each goal to find out more about our involvement.

Commitment to education

Airbus invests in education in the communities we support, sharing our passion for science in general and aerospace in particular.

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