Climate action Combatting global warming

Our satellites play a key role in climate change monitoring, while we constantly improve the environmental performance of our products.

Climate action CSR

Combating climate change and its impacts

Sustainability is a top priority for Airbus. Alongside the company's own sustainable development, our Design for Environment team integrates eco-efficiency into our product designs. We’re developing advanced materials and sustainable fuels and electric and hybrid propulsion development has made a great leap forward with our E-Fan fully electric aircraft.

We are constantly improving the environmental performance of our products and each new aircraft programme delivers considerable achievements. The A350 XWB is 25% more fuel efficient than the aircraft it replaces through streamlined aerodynamics, new engines and innovative materials.

Incremental improvements are also driving environmental performance and the A320neo achieves 15% less CO2 emissions today than the previous generation aircraft, rising to 20% by 2020. Airbus Helicopters recently unveiled the new H160 rotorcraft, which offers significantly improved environmental performance with less fuel consumption as well as lower sound levels.

Airbus Defence and Space plays a key role in climate monitoring providing the scientific community with vital data to better understand global warming and climate change, and satellite imagery to better track and understand its impacts.

How can satellite imagery help to preserve Earth's biodiversity?

More countries are relying on satellites to set up their reforestation initiatives, while geospatial-driven information is helping farmers achieve a more sustainable production of crops

What are the consequences of climate change?

To shed light on the topic of global warming, researchers review data collected by Airbus satellites, aeroplanes and even helicopters

Our commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are directly contributing to many of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by United Nations in 2015. You can click on each goal to find out more about our involvement.

Focus on eco-efficiency

We aim at maximising the benefits of our products and services, while minimising the environmental impact of their manufacturing and operation.

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