Airbus in the United States

Airbus, Inc. is the US-based operation of Airbus and is a trusted prime contractor to the US Department of Defense. Airbus, Inc. offers a broad range of advanced solutions to its customers in the commercial, homeland security, aerospace and defence markets.

Facilities and operations from coast to coast

Facts about Airbus, Inc.

The Airbus has a significant and growing presence in the United States. With facilities and operations from coast to coast, Airbus, Inc. provides hardware, software, services and support across a number of product sectors.

As a leading supplier and industrial partner in defence and homeland security, Airbus, Inc. and its parent company, Airbus, contribute around $16.5 billion to the US economy annually, supporting 260,000 American jobs across approximately 40 states. Since its creation in 2002, Airbus Defense and Space, Inc. has been selected in key competitions for military aircraft and systems.

38 locations

Airbus Business Units, operating companies and Divisions are found in 38 locations across 16 states.

In commercial aviation, more than 3,200 Airbus aircraft have been ordered by North American customers, with over 2,200 delivered, while Airbus Helicopters is one of the US leaders in civil helicopters.

Airbus key figures in the American market

Airbus Group activities in North America

Supporting US defence efforts

The UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter is operated by Army and Army National Guard units, as well as the Navy.

Airbus is a major contractor for the US Army, having been chosen to supply the service’s UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter. As of November 2015, Airbus had delivered almost 350 the H145-based utility helicopters – all of which were provided on time and on cost since the contract had been awarded in 2006. The Army, Army National Gard and even the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School are using the Lakota extensively for a wide variety of missions.

The Lakota is one of just four rotorcraft that the Army will be flying in the coming years, training every Army pilot for at least the next two decades. It has also been selected as the initial entry rotary wing trainer for the service, which is the Largent single operator of rotorcraft in the world.

The company has also supplied more than 100 HH-65 rotorcraft to the Coast Guard for its vital homeland security missions, and the Airbus Helicopters business in the U.S. supported performance upgrades for this entire fleet to the HH-65C configuration.

More on Lakota

Former US Army program manager for the UH-72A Lakota helicopter program, LTC David R. Cheney, reflects on successful collaboration.

Support to the U.S. Coast Guard

$2 billion

Airbus is delivering a planned 424 UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopters with a potential total program life-cycle value of over $2.5 billion

In addition, Airbus Defense and Space, Inc. is the prime contractor for the Coast Guard’s procurement of up to 18 HC-144A Ocean Sentry maritime patrol aircraft and is also supplying shipboard multimode acquisition radars for the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship and the Coast Guard's National Security Cutter.

Airbus Helicopters has supplied more than 100 HH-65 rotorcraft to the US Coast Guard.

Airbus' assembly line in Mobile

Aircraft assembly at the site in Mobile, Alabama.

On 15 September 2015, Airbus inaugurated operations at its first commercial aircraft production site in the United States: the A320 Family aircraft assembly line in Mobile, Alabama.

The final assembly line is producing A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, and the first delivery of a Mobile-made aircraft took place in April 2016. By 2018, the facility will produce between 40 and 50 single-aisle aircraft per year. Airbus’ market forecast indicates a demand over the next 20 years (from all manufacturers) for some 4,700 single-aisle aircraft in North America alone.

Airbus already has a strong and growing presence throughout the US. The company operates several facilities employing more than 1,000 people.:

  • Engineering centres in Mobile, Alabama, and Wichita, Kansas
  • An aircraft spares facility in Ashburn, Virginia
  • A training centre in Miami, Florida
  • A regulatory and government liaison office in Washington, D.C
  • The company’s headquarters for the Americas in Dulles, Virginia. 
  • Airbus’ US-based air traffic management subsidiary, Metron Aviation, in Virginia. 

Expanding the helicopters' footprint in Columbus

Numerous US law enforcement agencies fly the AS350 AStar helicopter.

Alongside the full Lakota assembly line, Airbus Helicopters builds the AS350 AStar helicopter at the company’s facilities in Columbus, Mississippi. A third of all AStars produced at the French production lines in Marignane are flying in the US today, making the aircraft the best-selling civil helicopter in the country. The AS350 final assembly line in Mississippi is also expected to lead to additional sales opportunities and increased maintenance, repair and overhaul business.

1,300 helicopters

Airbus Helicopters has provided around 1,300 rotary-wing aircraft to operators that include the US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Numerous law enforcement agencies already fly the AStar and the company expects to expand that customer portfolio to other areas of the government. “Being ‘made in the US’ opens more doors for us,” highlights Sammy Pence, Vice President of Commercial Programs, MRO, Logistics and Facilities for Airbus Helicopters Inc.