Technology & Innovation Shaping the future of flight


Airbus has always been a pioneer in the aerospace industry’s evolution, promoting cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress. Today we are shaping the future of flight.

Airbus’ innovative vision

We are constantly testing, questioning and pushing ourselves further. We cultivate a project-focused culture built on calculated risk-taking and open collaboration. We focus on breakthrough technologies and business models with an emphasis on projects that determine the role of flight in everyone’s lives.

Now more than ever, we encourage our industry-leading experts to push their boundless imaginations and invent new possibilities for a better connected, safer and more prosperous world. By creating a productive and collaborative environment and using demonstrators to test and roll out new technologies quickly, we believe that we can change the way we live, travel and interact for the better, sooner. 

Shaping the way we live, travel and interact

Our R&T focus areas

Technology planning and road-mapping enables us to not only map out the capabilities of our current portfolio of products and technologies, but also to discover evolutionary pathways across all roadmaps, leading to a more agile, responsive and cohesive way of working that capitalises on all our resources.

Building on this road map, we’re focused on specific research and development areas that we believe will be the key drivers in building the future of flight.

airbus innovation areas
  • Electrification

    Development of electric and hybrid-electric propulsion will enable quieter and cleaner aircraft, such as the E-Fan, and open up new markets and applications.

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  • Urban Air Mobility

    Flight will fundamentally change the future model of urban transportation. Our key projects are Vahana, CityAirbus and Skyways.

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  • Design & Digital Factory

    The Digital Factory will make greater use of cyber-physical production systems, such as augmented technologies and automation.

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  • Connected fleet

    Connected fleet and data analytics. By harnessing and analysing the wealth of product-generated data, we deliver insights and responses that provide real value for our customers.

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  • New business models

    We’re looking at changing the ways that we and our customers operate, exploring how digital technologies can improve performance, boost innovation and become more agile.

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Exchanging with the global research community

Company-wide research and technology development supports future product generations, boosting investment in divisional R&T portfolios. We’re also building relationships within the global research community, hosting some of the world’s best researchers to facilitate the exchange of data, facilities and knowledge with our own R&T and engineering communities.

Driving forward digitalisation

Airbus is undergoing a transformation to lay the foundations of competitiveness in a digital world. We aim to establish a digital culture throughout the entire company to tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities. 

Airbus' smart glasses allow operators to more accurately and more quickly mark the position of A330 seats and furnishings to be installed in the cabin.

Across Airbus, a digital community of more than 8,600 members are following or working on no fewer than 450 projects as part of the digital transformation programme, from design and manufacturing to support and exciting new product ideas.

Key to the digital transformation is a shift from being product-driven to being data-driven, and embedding new solutions into the way the company operates – changing processes, tools and ways of working. Looking forward, the opportunities far outweigh the risks. 

Come invent with us!

Today’s Airbus provides fertile ground for digital innovators. We welcome big data experts, augmented reality explorers and others to capitalise on our resources as a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The diversity of our talent and technology drives innovation, integration and internationalisation. And now, you have the opportunity to play a critical role in our digital transformation.

Innovation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Airbus is committed to fostering innovation to become an eco-efficient and sustainable enterprise, a more profitable company where environmental performance helps to drive growth.