ePROC strategic procurement Sourcing and Contract management

Airbus has developed the online sourcing tool ePROC strategic procurement to enhance collaboration between buyers and suppliers. You can use this completely free-of-charge procurement tool to register your company information and take part in online bidding.

What is ePROC strategic procurement?

A strategic space for buyers and suppliers

Some 46,500 suppliers deliver components for Airbus.

ePROC is a shared single strategic space for buyers and suppliers across all Airbus Divisions to perform all aspects of Calls for Tender (CFT), from the identification of potential suppliers to the selection of successful parties.

The tool also allows buyers and suppliers to exchange requirements and proposals online during the bid process. Data can be exchanged between the parties via the web in a secure, structured and controlled way, even enabling military CFTs.

Your company is small or medium-sized?

For small and medium-sized companies, the points of contact may be our first- and second-tier suppliers. Please use any existing contacts you may already have with these suppliers.

How to use ePROC

These documents will show you how to use ePROC and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

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