For suppliers The key for common success

Several thousand suppliers from more than 100 countries deliver parts, components or sub-systems for the Airbus. The performance of our suppliers is key for our common success. We continuously develop our supplier base, focusing on partnerships with the best suppliers in terms of quality, time and cost.

Global sourcing

More concentrated and international

Airbus has identified global sourcing as one of its leading long-term objectives and aims to source 40% of its supplies outside Western Europe by 2020. To promote this globalisation of the Group’s sourcing footprint, an integrated Airbus Global Sourcing Network (GSN) has been created. The Europe-based GSN central team operates Country Sourcing Offices in strategic locations.

The Airbus Global Sourcing Network operates offices in strategic countries like the US, China, India. With a volume of €44 billion, Airbus' external procurement is equivalent to over two-thirds of Airbus' revenues.

In the past few years, the supply chain has become concentrated and more international. Rising concentration has resulted from consolidation within Europe's aerospace and defence sector, as well as from major new aircraft programmes placing larger work packages with a smaller number of lead suppliers.

Supply chain presence outside Europe has grown. Due to the overall growth of sourcing volumes, this has been achieved with simultaneous growth in sourcing from European suppliers.

  • The volume of spending invoiced from the US has increased to $17.1 billion a year, supporting the opening of an Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Country sourcing offices in India, China and the US took on regional roles in the last years, extending their respective responsibilities to the Middle East, East Asia, North America.
  • Approximately €1 billion was directly sourced during 2013 from outside both Europe and the US. Talking into account indirect sourcing, this spend value exceeded €3 billion.

Direct and indirect procurement

Suppliers for direct procurement can be grouped into the following commodity clusters: Systems & Equipment, Aerostructures and Material. Each Division has its own procurement function in charge of direct procurement, mainly addressing systems and equipment that are built into our products.

Indirect procurement of goods and services, ranging from buildings to machines and tools, engineering services, consulting, IT and office equipment, is under the responsibility of our shared service unit Airbus General Procurement (GP).

Supplier information

Airbus requests that suppliers commit to our Code of Conduct and integrate these principles into their own supply chain. This detailed information for our suppliers is available here:

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To enhance collaboration between its buyers and suppliers, Airbus has developed the online sourcing tool ePROC. Do you want to find out how to take part in online bidding?