Airbus Ventures

We are a fast-moving, intensely curious early-stage investment group. We seek exceptional, inspired founders from around the world who will set the course for ground-breaking innovation in mobility, security, and the future of flight. Our vision is to continuously ignite interest in the wonder that is aerospace.

Airbus is in our DNA, from our legacy of innovation and industry expertise to our global network. It is an asset to every company we fund, if and when they want it. Yet we operate with autonomy and trust, from the investments we make to the technologies they develop; we independently support entrepreneurs with unique ideas, plans, and structures.

Airbus Ventures seeks key enabling frontier technologies such as:

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Paris, Airbus Ventures funds startups across the globe. We are a valuable, efficient, and energetic partner to those who recognize that advances in aerospace will impact all life on Earth and beyond.

Origins of Airbus Ventures funding

The early-stage investment group was established in 2015 with a mandate to invest in promising, disruptive entrepreneurs and companies connected to Airbus' activities. Its investments are primarily seed and Series A with the team providing both funding and support to companies around the world that are setting the course for ground-breaking innovation in mobility, security, and the future of flight.

Airbus Ventures activities are based in the global tech hub of Silicon Valley  ̶  a logical choice given that the area attracts a major share of the global US$130 billion venture capital market. After a year in the Valley, the investment group decided to expand its global footprint, creating a second base in Europe.

Meet the team

European team

François Auque

François is the Chairman of the Board of the fund’s General Partner entity, based in Paris, France. He also leads the European venture investments. Prior to Airbus Ventures, Francois was a member of the Executive Committee of Airbus Group, as Executive Vice President of Space Systems.

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François Auque and Thomas d'Halluin to lead Venture Capital activities

Matthieu Repellin

Matthieu is an Investment Partner based in Paris, France. He joined Airbus in 2013 as Senior Manager with Corporate Strategy, advising on future trends and emerging technologies. In 2016, Matthieu was based in the Silicon Valley, building relationships with the American startup ecosystem for the Airbus innovation outpost.

Anabelle Oliveira

Anabelle is an Investment Partner based in Paris, France. A longtime employee at Airbus Defense and Space, she structured large projects on the finance and legal side, and led corresponding negotiations, most notably for projects such as Paradigm and OneWeb.

US Team

Thomas d'Halluin

Thomas is the CEO of the fund’s US management company, where he leads US venture investments for Airbus Ventures activities. With an Airbus tenure of 15 years, Thomas previously served as COO of Airbus Ventures, and as the Chief of Staff to the CFO of Airbus Group.

Maryanna Saenko

Maryanna is an Investment Partner based in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Airbus, Maryanna led Lux Research’s autonomous systems group where she served as a strategic advisor to Fortune 100 companies covering technological and market developments on the path to an increasingly automated world, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence.