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Established by the Group’s three Divisions, the Airbus Foundation drives the Company’s worldwide charitable actions, devoting our resources to effective partnerships with volunteer associations and international aid organisations.

Our aim: partnering for a better world

The Airbus Foundation focuses on supporting the humanitarian community as well as educating and inspiring young people through the world of aerospace.

Our goal is to support the international aid organisations in regions where the company operates and beyond, as well as to inspire and encourage youth development through contact with the aerospace industry.

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With the new Airbus Foundation, I hope we can reach out to a larger population and continue to inspire young people to pursue their studies. The Foundation will also continue to support humanitarian missions around the globe. I would like to thank Airbus employees for their dedication and passion in serving our communities

Tom EndersAirbus CEO
Two young students who participated in the Airbus Flying Challenge in Wichita, Kansas, in 2014.

The Airbus Foundation continues to establish worldwide alliances. Current global initiatives include:

On 29 April 2015 the Airbus Foundation coordinated with the French Government’s Crisis Centre a relief flight to Nepal using an Airbus A350 XWB test aircraft.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding the Foundation’s activities, please contact us: corporate.foundation@airbus.com

Airbus Helicopters Foundation

The Airbus Helicopters Foundation, launched in 2012, will operate in parallel until 2017. It focus on providing helicopter support for humanitarian crises

Board of Directors, experts and partnerships

The Airbus Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of Airbus management members, employee representatives and external experts in their fields.

Airbus Group Foundation Board
Portraits of the Foundation's board members

College of Employee Representatives

Marc Ambiaux
Thomas Busch


The Airbus Foundation’s work is made possible through its partnerships. We’re collaborating with a growing number of internationally recognised organizations. See the image carrousel below to learn more about the work they do.