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October is the European Cyber Security Month

Did you know that 4’’ is all it takes for an unprotected device to be infected when connected? (Source: Kaspersky Lab 2017)

At Airbus, we believe cyber security is everyone’s responsibility, and a pre-condition to digital transformation. But where other companies might see weakness in the human factor, we see collective intelligence and we put it at the forefront of our security approach. 

Do you? Have a stake in shaping Airbus’s secure future and embark on a challenging adventure with us. Explore our opportunies now!

Airbus Fly Your Ideas digital platform is open for ideas!

With over 2,000 already registered, students can now access to the purpose-built digital competition platform under in order to upload their idea in Round 1 of the competition.

Airbus launched the sixth Fly Your Ideas competition in June 2018 and the next generation of innovators can now submit their proposals tackling one of the six challenges set out by Airbus (Electrification, Data Services, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality). Students need to fill an online questionnaire about their idea, highlighting the technology behind it, market analysis, originality, added value and potential obstacles. In order to visualize the idea, the teams must also submit a simple sketch.

The Round 1 submission phase ends on 16 November 2018 and is followed by an online assessment where a team of Airbus specialists recruited from across the business will review and evaluate all submitted ideas. The live final of Fly Your Ideas will be held in 2019, where students will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas to an audience of industry experts.

Fly Your Ideas is a global competition for universities and students from all over the world to innovate for the future of aerospace, including Commercial, Defence & Space and Helicopters. Airbus is seeking ideas that could change aerospace in the decades to come and create a safer, cleaner and better-connected world. The competition is an opportunity for students to build valuable employment skills including teamwork, project management and presentation skills and to apply their classroom learning to real-world challenges. As well as joining Airbus on site to further develop their ideas, up to six finalist teams will compete to share a prize fund of € 45,000 and the chance to take their idea forward within the industry.

Since the competition launched in 2008, over 20,000 students from more than 650 universities in over 100 countries have been involved. Since 2012, the competition has been supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO underlines the value of this partnership. "Fly Your Ideas is an inspirational endeavour for students around the world and UNESCO is proud to be a part of this initiative. The new challenges will allow students to think outside the box and come up with sustainable solutions for global problems beyond aerospace - exactly what the world needs from our future generations!”

To find more about Airbus Fly your Ideas, visit our website  which now has  additional features such as a live social media wall featuring the latest Fly Your Ideas news and updates as well as new “People and Jobs” and “Future of Flight” pages focusing on digitally oriented profiles and careers as well as Innovation at Airbus. Additionally join the Facebook community at



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Discovery Space inspires students to explore new horizons

Led by the Airbus Foundation, this STEM-promoting initiative announces its latest international challenge.

Base camp on the Moon

Beginning October, students can join a Discovery Space competition developed in a partnership of the Airbus Foundation and the European Space Agency (ESA). The goal is to design a base camp for life on the Moon, with the opportunity for winners to participate in a special astronaut-led webinar.

Ambassadors wanted

In addition to the students’ Moon base design challenge, the Airbus Foundation has produced a digital “toolkit” that enables anyone to become Discovery Space ambassadors to inspire people around them about science and aerospace.

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Endorsing the UK’s Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter

Airbus is one of more than 50 aerospace and aviation organisations to have endorsed the Charter as early signatories, making a public commitment to gender equality.

Among the signatories’ commitments is supporting the progression of women into senior roles by focusing on the executive pipeline and mid-tier level.

This year at Farnborough, Airbus Senior Vice President Katherine Bennett said the Charter’s go-ahead is a significant milestone. “By signing the Charter, 50 UK firms are committing to driving change at all levels of our thriving sector,” she explained. “Such a widespread commitment will make a genuine difference to gender diversity in aerospace and aviation. I hope today is the beginning of seeing more women in this brilliant sector.”

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Welcome to the 2018 Airnovators of Cranfield University

48 top students, from 20 countries, representing 24 Airbus partner universities, reunited for a week.

The aim? To produce game changing concepts and business proposals linked to global need for food and water security. How? Working in diverse and multicultural teams; harnessing emerging digital technologies with the support of dedicated Airnovation faculty.

The Airbus Airnovation Summer Academy stood from 1st to 6th July 2018 at the UK’s Cranfield University. It brought together students from multidisciplinary backgrounds for an intense one week program based on the principles and methods of a business accelerator. Each day focused on a different competence; from innovation methods to CyberSecurity as well as entrepreneurship.

Students travelled “back to the future” with Sue Black – Technology Evangelist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur – and Patrick Francis – CTO Space CyberSecurity at Airbus.

“You can’t protect what you don’t understand. If you want to protect a network, you need to understand networks.” said Patrick Francis. They both guided the Airnovators through the fantastic historical context of Bletchley Park and offered them an inspiring livestreamed panel that stirred many brilliant questions from online and offline audiences. From concepts to prototypes Airnovators are working hard to shape the future of technology in space and time. Friday, the final Ceremony Award will reveal the winner of the 2018 Airnovation Summer Academy.

Stay tuned to discover and learn more about this year’s Airnovation Award winners!

Read more about Airnovation Summer Academy 2018

Where are they now : ActInSpace alumni aim high


Since the 2016 edition of the Airbus-sponsored ActInSpace challenge, 15 start-ups have been launched which use space-acquired data to solve real-life issues. Three of those start-ups tell their innovation story.

It was a moment where creativity, technology and society came together. At the 2016 ActInSpace, Julien Lengrand-Lambert’s team was looking for an idea that was economically sustainable, highly automated and would benefit someone else.

“Greece was making headlines because of the debt crisis. It was also a very warm day. That’s where the idea came from,” Lengrand-Lambert explains. His team decided to use satellite imagery to detect illegal swimming pools in Greece. From this first solution, the company Skyai – which helps businesses enact smarter environmental policies through geospatial analysis of satellite imagery – was born.

Read the full article on the ActInSpace alumni

ELLE ACTIVE lands in Toulouse

After Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux, the ELLE ACTIVE forum was held in Toulouse!

More than 70 experts were present at Toulouse City Hall on the theme "reinventing oneself at work". We were fortunate to welcome 130 women from Airbus Commercial and Airbus Defense and Space. They were able to participate in a diversity of workshops, one-on-ones and debates to learn how to reinvent themselves at work.

We also had the opportunity to hear inspiring testimonials, such as that of Marc JOUENNE HR Director of Airbus Commercial Aircraft, who spoke about gender diversity.

Read more about inclusion and diversity at Airbus

Fly Your Ideas: a launchpad for innovative ideas and a toolkit for innovators

Innovation is at the heart of Airbus’ story – from the first twin-engine wide body aircraft to urban air mobility vehicles and electrically propelled telecom satellites. Over 5 editions of Fly Your Ideas to date, the next generation of student innovators have seized the opportunity to work alongside and innovate with our experts for the future of aeronautics. But taking part in the competition – and striving for a place on the final podium – is just the beginning. Whether it’s back in the classroom, working for a start-up, an industry leader or setting up their own companies, former Fly Your Ideas participants are putting their skills and experience to use.

For some, the process of innovating and designing for the competition was just the first step in the process of creating a market-ready product. Back in 2015, Team ReTrolley made it to the final with their idea for a cabin-compliant service trolley that facilitated recycling. Team member Lucas explains that, “The Retrolley project has really changed my life after the competition, because the idea had a chance to finally go to the market with Airbus support. Now I help other companies innovate in their business using design.” For 2015’s Team Grossomodo, Fly Your Ideas was an important milestone for another reason, as member Mario tells us. “We published the results in two papers, building credibility with the scientific community. This motivated us to continue developing our idea and we are now testing the feasibility of our approach on real working scenarios.”

For other Fly Your Ideas alumni, the long hours and hard work that goes into developing a great idea led to fruitful professional partnerships. Team 03’s Gowri tells us that, following the 2011 competition, he and teammate Avarvind set up a social enterprise together, which won the Indian ‘Best App for Social Good’ award in 2014. Michael from 2009’s Team Coz reflects on how his team’s idea for plant-based high performance composite materials for aircraft cabin components inspired his next venture. “We are pursuing concepts related to the idea – for example, we are working with a company on the development of a truly bio-degradable coffee cup. I have also co-founded a company which is active in the agri-material sector and is listed on the Australian stock exchange.”

Getting a real understanding of how innovation works in a large global company like Airbus is undoubtedly valuable for Fly Your Ideas participants. Anil from 2017’s Team Aquarius emphasises how important this was. “Visiting Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse gave me exposure to how large aircraft manufacturers operate. And more importantly, how industry innovates to incept an idea. Coming from a research background, the experience really helped me refine my perspective of research and aircraft design.” Geoffrey from 2009 Team Stanford ADG, now Chief Engineer for Airbus’ Vahana project says that the learning never stops; “Continuous learning is also vitally important, especially for Vahana, where we are incorporating non-traditional aerospace technologies like electric propulsion and machine learning.”

Will Fly Your Ideas deepen your interest in a specific area, unlock new ideas or provide a launchpad for your own start-up? If you’re excited about innovation and contributing to the future of aeronautics, then stay tuned for the next Fly Your Ideas challenge.

Find out more about Fly Your Ideas.

Recruited over a year ago in cyber security – how is Marie doing now?

Meet Marie Mion, a former intern turned cyber security integrator. Recruited more than a year ago, she is now in charge of setting up infrastructures, defining strategies of supervision and implementing them into different security products like SIEM, IDS or Hypervisor.

These infrastructures are used in the SOC (Security Operations Centre), where potential threats and attacks are overseen in order to keep the client’s information system safe. Besides working at Airbus CyberSecurity, Marie also teaches at her former school and educates students about the SOC environment, security supervision and the Defence sector. 

“At the beginning, I was not sure what company to intern for, but at the end of the day, Airbus had projects that really appealed to me. I was given the opportunity to work in many different contexts and with a range of clients. We see a lot of things, share all sorts of ideas but we’re not stuck in the same routine. This is what I think makes you stay.”

Her tutor was a real mentor, key to her success and career progression: “I had a Jedi Master who helped me get a foot on the ladder; taught me what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to do it. I was able to learn and progress significantly thanks to my team. Now I am the one who assists the newcomers.” 

It isn’t about work all the time, fun is also part of the equation : “What I love is that we take the time to go out too. We go out to the movies, play laser tag, or grab a bite to eat. The atmosphere is really friendly."

Inspiring students through workshops at recent ILA Berlin

Airbus inspired students from across Europe at the recent workshops at the 2018 ILA Berlin

Nadine Krawietz has fond memories of past ILA Berlins. “I came as an engineering student and was fascinated by what I saw. There were so many interesting things to see and learn,” says the Business Innovation manager at Airbus. “Now, it’s great to come back here and inspire the next generation.”

Nadine was at ILA to hold a discussion on urban air mobility. Students from  the Hamburg University of Technology, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Stuttgart took part to learn more and present their own vision of flight in 2050 and beyond. “Fresh ideas come from fresh minds – it’s been exciting to see what they come up with,” Nadine says.

Dream come true

The workshop was just one of many that Airbus hosted during the air show. Students from across Europe came throughout the week in connection with the Airbus Global University Partner Programme to learn more about working in the aerospace sector. 

In Spain, the Airbus Careers MINDS programme gives students and young graduates the chance to connect with each other while working at Airbus. Participants were invited to ILA to take part in a workshop on diversity and look around the static aircraft display. “It’s very exciting to be here with this great group of people. We’re learning a lot and to have the opportunity to look around aircraft like the H160 and the A380 is a dream come true!” say Estrella Perez and Mireia Terradellas.

Discovering robotics

Robotics was on the menu for participants in Airbus’ German scholarship programme. Made up of bachelor, masters and PhD students from across the country, the group meets several times a year for a variety of workshops and seminars.

They were at ILA to discover more about the growing field of robotics in aerospace. Daniel Rüter, NC Programmer at Airbus in Hamburg and himself a recent graduate, was there to tell them more. “Robotics is a fascinating subject that is becoming increasingly important for our sector. To come here is a great new opportunity for me: I get to meet other young people who are genuinely interested in my passion.”

Alex Kunde has been involved with the scholarship group for several years. “Events like this are excellent for personal development,” she says, “learning new skills and gaining an insight into how varied and stimulating life at Airbus can be.”

Universität Stuttgart announced new member of AGUPP during ILA Berlin Air Show

Airbus is proud to announce Universität Stuttgart as the 22nd member of your Airbus Global University Partnership Programme (AGUPP). The signing ceremony took place in the Airbus Pavilion live at ILA Berlin 2018.

Learn more about AGUPP

The Airbus careers team welcomes you at ILA Berlin 25-29 April

Airbus will be welcoming students, aviation enthusiasts, job hunters and more at this year’s ILA Berlin from 25 to 29 April, 2018. The careers team is preparing for a wide range of events and activities at one of the world’s leading aerospace innovation trade fairs. Stop by the Airbus Careers Stand in hall1, booth 404 and chat with one of our representatives, try on HoloLens, the virtual reality headset, or take part in one of the activities below.

Show us your skills at the Airbus Hackathon

Airbus is shaping the future of aviation and inviting you to be part of it. The company is hosting a Hackathon in the field of aviation. Competitors are given access to unique aviation data and are assisted by our experts in digitalization, aviation and analytics in order to build a prototype, concept or innovative idea in a team environment. The sky is the limit with ideas ranging anywhere from operational performance to societal impact of aviation. Creativity is the objective and everything is game!

Learn more about this event

Meet the Recruiter!

Airbus will host a Meet the Recruiter day; the company’s recruitment team will be present to meet with you and discuss job opportunities at Airbus. Speak directly with one of our recruiters, receive tips and guidance on your CV, understand the application process and visit the Airbus Pavilion. Spots are available so apply now.

Learn more about this event

Gaming day with the Airbus League of Legends OOB team

League of Legends professional gaming team Out of the Blue (OOB) will be ready to challenge you at this year’s ILA Berlin on Sunday, 29 April. The Airbus-sponsored team is the first all-women’s team in Europe and competes in professional gaming tournaments around the globe. Show us your gaming savvy and join in at the event. Airbus will provide ten high tech gaming laptops and large display screen to enhance the experience.

Sign up for the event at our careers stand in hall 1, booth 404 during ILA Berlin.

Learn more about this event

Airbus podium talks

From Friday to Sunday, 27 to 29 April, Airbus welcomes you to one of our podium talks. Some of the top experts in aerospace as well as the company’s human resources representatives will be present to give talks on some of the most pressing issues in the industry today as well as providing useful information on how to turn your passion for aerospace into a career. Learn how to gain a foothold in the world of aeronautics and hear about the industry from the perspective of an insider. Find out more about the discussion topics by visiting our events page.

Learn more about this event

Visit Airbus at the BDLI Stand

Looking for more information on what it’s like to work at Airbus? Or interested in the industry but not sure on the right training path? At the BDLI stand (German Aerospace Industries Association), Airbus welcomes you from Friday to Sunday, 27-29 April to meet some of its apprentices and dual-study students and chat with them on their experience. Get a glimpse of the world inside airbus with one of our interactive activities:

  • Virtual reality game: Experience Airbus products on a whole new level
  • 3D printer: Have you ever seen how 3D aircraft parts are printed? Visit the stand and receive a 3D-printed mini version of the plane of the future.
  • DIY keyring: Learn how to rivet a keyring with one of the Airbus riveting machines
  • Photobooth: Take a picture at our photo booth and make the airshow unforgettable. You can print the picture or even share with your friends on social media.

MINDS: From classroom to shop floor

The Airbus Careers MINDS programme gives students the opportunity to experience working at the Airbus Getafe plant in Spain. They can participate in working on the elements manufactured there (A320, A330, A380 and A350). For operators and managers of Getafe this is an opportunity to show what they do and to highlight the importance of teamwork, commitment and process control – for the students, it’s a great experience and preparation! 

Young Leader Forum – What if you could shape the future?

Airbus wants to find tomorrow’s leaders! How? The Young Leader Forum is a three-day initiative to bring all those together who actively want to innovate our technology and business. Participants from different backgrounds will have the opportunity to exchange best practices and insights, work on business projects in teams and in the end, hold a presentation in front of a top management panel. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Humans are just some of the topics we will work on. We’re looking forward to December!

More Information on the Young Leader Forum

Airbus at Gamescom

For three days, Airbus participated in Gamescom, a trade fair for video games, that took place in Cologne from August 22nd to August 26th. Visitors could talk to our recruiters, or just enjoy the unique augmented reality experience offered with our Hololens. We had lots of fun, we hope you too!

Employer of choice - Survey 2017

What do you look for in your ideal employer?

We care about your feedback regarding your ideas on ideal employer. Let us know by participating in our short study, and help shape the future of the workplace!

Royal visit in Hamburg

On July 21st, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte visited our Airbus site in Hamburg for the final stop of their tour of Germany. At the final assembly line for the A320 aircraft they were informed about innovations in aircraft construction, viewed the H135 and H145 Airbus helicopters and met with apprentices.

Airbus at "Sail for Competence" 2017

Young people from every Airbus home country took part in the Airbus Defence and Space ‚SAIL FOR COMPETENCE‘ experience 2017. The week of saling was full of teamwork, adventures and challenges. It was not just about sailing, but building up our Airbus family. To raise the sails, run the ship and bring us safely back into the harbor, we had to ‘ACT AS ONE!’.

Guinness World Records® at Paris Airshow 2017

With 311 participants, Airbus formed "The largest human image of a two-handed gesture" at the Paris Airshow 2017. We are proud of this great success and want to say a big thank you to all participants!