Airbus Digital Accelerator Help us drive digitalisation

What we do

The Digital Accelerator is an integral part of Airbus’ IT department. We are building and operating new business platforms and services adopting new technologies, automation, digital native skills and agile ways of working to accelerate our digitalisation journey.

Our Mission

We want to accelerate Airbus’ digital reinvention and transform the way we build, deliver and maintain our products, using enterprise digital platforms that operate at industrial scale and speed.
The Digital Accelerator is about making the benefits of digital technologies available to Airbus so we can bring value to market much faster, while retaining quality and scale. Specifically, this means capitalising on DevOps, Big Data, IoT, API & Integration and cloud technologies.

Our vision is to

  • Build, operate, iterate and industrialise fast, agile platforms to enhance our aircraft, heli-copter, defence and space products and services.
  • Accelerate innovation, learning cycle and path to value.

How do we work?

The Digital Accelerator is organised in “tribes”: a tribe is a set of self-organised squads. Each tribe specialises in a specific area such as DevOps, Big Data, Cloud, API or IoT.

What we offer

Airbus Digital Accelerator is the perfect workplace for those who want to reinvent themselves and the way we are working. We embrace individuality, diversity, curiosity and real teamwork.

We are currently looking for these profiles:

  • Cloud, Big Data, IoT and API Architects
  • Cloud Security Engineers
  • Software and API Developers
  • Technology Platform Owners
  •  Cloud Reliability Engineers
  • Test Automation Engineers
  • UX UI Specialists
  • DevOps Engineers 
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