Inclusion and diversity

We have become a leader because our people around the world share common values and a determination to succeed. We live by the belief that with a diverse group of people brings a diverse group of ideas, triggering more engagement, creativity and performance. We are inspired by each other’s knowledge and experiences. We foster an inclusive, friendly environment to encourage sharing and collaboration so we can thrive as individuals.

What do we mean by inclusion?

Inclusion is a working environment where all employees are respected and valued for their distinctive characteristics and have a sense of belonging in their team and in their company.

What do we mean by diversity?

At Airbus, diversity is a core part of our identity. More than 130 nationalities are represented and more than 20 languages are spoken within the company. Our employee resource group, Balance for Business, includes more than 4,000 employees worldwide that accompany and drive the company culture forward. It manages such topics as work life balance, career development, integration of disabled employees, furthering gender balance and ensuring company commitment to our LGBTI charter. 


Social diversity

In 2011, Airbus signed a long-term agreement on social diversity, equal opportunities and the prevention of discrimination. In 2015, the company signed the “Charte Entreprises et Quartiers” (Companies and Neighbourhoods Charter) for contributing to the economic and social development of underprivileged neighbourhoods.

Some 50 students from priority education networks are welcomed each year for internships at Airbus sites in France. In parallel, the Lycée Airbus trains its students for aeronautical professions and admits young people from underprivileged areas, allowing them to access apprenticeship courses at Airbus or with its partners.

Equality for persons with disabilities

Para-triathlete Andy Lewis is an inspiration both on and off the field: this aerospace ambassador has become world and Paralympic champion while developing a successful career at Airbus.

Airbus promotes equal opportunities and supports people with both visible and non-visible (dis)ability. Different initiatives across the company are aimed at boosting awareness and above all encouraging dialogue on the important contribution employees with disabilities make to the company every day.

These initiatives include a project running since 2011 to increase sub-contracting activities with Disability Friendly Companies in France, Germany, UK and Spain, as well as the development of innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

In 2016, Airbus hosted the first ever Fabrikarium event dedicated to disability. This initiative calls for participants with varied expertise to develop innovative solutions in the field of disability and which can be easily replicated non-commercially and at a minimal cost. The aim is to allow the largest number of people with disabilities to benefit from the most innovative technologies, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

Women shape the future of the aerospace industry

We are particularly committed to advancing women in the workplace and developing female talent. For instance, the company launched in 2015 a cross-divisional, cross-departmental and transnational employee resource group, Balance for Business, aiming to spur the recognition and development of women across the company by attracting, developing and retaining skilled women. We are also supporting the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, which offer guidance for business on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

We also welcome the UK Government's Gender Pay Gap reporting initiative and have published Airbus in the UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017.

Taking a proactive approach, Airbus is one of the primary signatories of the WISE 10 step campaign: a classroom to boardroom initiative to increase the number of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

LGBT+ actions

Airbus is committed to ensuring an open and inclusive environment to members of the LGBT+ community in order for each person to feel respected and valued in their place of work. The company has taken strides to this end with the launch of the Pride@Airbus employee network, signing the UN Standards of Conduct for Business for LGBTI lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people at Davos in 2018 and creating awareness with an internal communication campaign. Airbus has also recently committed to the LGBT+ charter with l’Autre Cercle, a leading French national homosexual voluntary associations.  

Learn more about the LGBT+ diversity charter

Intergenerational collaboration

Many initiatives like the Reverse Mentoring on Digital Transformation program or the Generation Airbus (Gen-A) network help bridge the gap between generations in order to deliver on our collective goals.

Airbus GEDC Diversity Award

The Airbus GEDC Diversity Award aims to shine a light on successful projects which have encouraged more young people of all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering. The award was developed and funded by Airbus in partnership with the GEDC, the leading international organisation for leaders of schools and colleges of engineering education. For this fifth anniversary edition, the award has been placed under UNESCO patronage.