Meet Nikolaus Process Development Engineer

Nikolaus process development engineer

Nikolaus is a process development engineer for Airbus. In his role, he develops innovative materials and processes in order to make helicopters and airplane doors safer, lighter and more competitive.

Nikolaus' career path at Airbus

  • Composite process development engineer Ottobrunn, Germany
  • Leader within the composite prototype shop Donauwörth, Germany
  • Head of Industrial Technologies Donauwörth, Germany

A transnational organisation

Intercultural diversity is omnipresent in our daily work

Intercultural diversity is omnipresent in our daily work. We are working in a transnational organisation, thus we have regular contact with French or Spanish colleagues. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to align everybody, but in the end it is always very beneficial to have different approaches.

Nikolaus is a process development engineer for Airbus.

Teamwork is mandatory for success

Within our complex technology projects, good teamwork is mandatory for success. People from several disciplines (aerodynamics, design, stress, and manufacturing) have to follow one project goal and balance their individual requirements to get the best overall benefit.

Developing one’s career

Nikolaus is a process development engineer for Airbus

I started my career in 2007 as a composite process development engineer at Airbus Helicopters in Ottobrunn, Germany, and worked with a focus on research topics based on composite manufacturing technologies. From 2012, I worked as a team leader in work preparation within the composite prototype shop.

In 2013, these activities were relocated to Donauwörth, Germany. Since 2014, I’ve been head of industrial technologies within industrial Innovation. Our main focus is to introduce innovative technologies in our manufacturing plants to ensure our short- and long-term competitiveness.


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