Meet Jasper Security Analyst

Meet our people ; Jasper

Jasper is a security analyst at Airbus. His job is to protect the company’s systems from hackers by investigating security incidents and the networks and bridges that are attacked every day.

It is vital to be passionate about my detective work

Jasper works as a security analyst for Airbus.

When a security incident requires an investigation, things can get stressful in a heartbeat and it is vital to be passionate about the detective/analytical work to find the evidence as fast as possible. There’s not much time to find out what happened and how big the problem really is. Finding good evidence relevant to the case is very rewarding, especially since it’s always teamwork that gets you there.

Jasper is a Security Analyst at Airbus

Active communication in the team helps

Teamwork is really important in security incidents, because the team has to analyse a lot of data and look for clues.

Teamwork is really important in security incidents, because the team has to analyse a lot of data and look for clues. Usually we need to inspect a computer hard drive for indicators of compromise, and at the same time we look at network data, log files and firewall events.

Every team member has special skills, and only the combination enables all the data processing in a short amount of time. Active communication in the team helps in deciding if a finding is relevant or can be ignored, which minimizes the risk of reporting irrelevant details to the customer.

Jasper's career

Jasper has been contributing to build and develop the Airbus’ Security Operation Centre in Ottobrunn while working on other projects for external customers in the finance and chemical industries. He also travels regularly due to incident-response analyses that need to be performed onsite.

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