Meet Fanny Propulsion & Powerplant

Fanny system engineer

Fanny works as a dynamic systems engineer for Airbus Helicopters. Her main role is to design, develop and support the gear boxes and the transmission shafts of the helicopter.

Fanny's career path at Airbus

  • Tiger chief engineering team Germany/France/Spain
  • Drive system design office Marignane, France
  • H175 Product Engineering Marignane, France
  • Compliance verification engineer, Super Puma & Light Helicopters Marignane, France

A good company motto

My current position offers me the chance to deal with so many different people

“Diversity” is a good motto for a company like Airbus. There’s a diversity of tasks in my daily job, but what I encounter the most is the diversity of profiles. My current position offers me the chance to deal with so many different people: technical experts, newcomers with a fresh eye on what we are doing, managers with different styles, highly creative people, people who need a structured working environment and clear processes – and people who prefer very little structure.

This experience is valuable for business because it gives us a diverse selection of solutions to choose from, and I personally value it because it inspires me.

Fanny works as a dynamic system engineer for Airbus Helicopters.

One mobility experience down, one to go

My first mobility experience was in 2011, when I moved from the Tiger’s chief engineering office to the drive system design office. This opportunity came to me thanks to my network within the company. It allowed me to develop my technical skills in a fascinating field, to master the development and regulations constrains of the design office. In September 2016, my next opportunity for mobility will begin, and I look forward to changing things up again!

Fanny dynamic system engineer at Airbus

I have always worked within the Airbus Helicopters Division since starting at Airbus in 2008. My first position was within the Tiger chief engineering team. I worked across all three pillars at the time: Ottobrunn, Germany, Marignane, France, and Getafe, Spain. My mission covered UHT/HAP Vehicle project management.

My current position is within the drive system design office in Marignane. I work on the H175 as a product engineering manager, responsible for design, stress and industrialization of the transmissions. I am also responsible for Super Puma and Light Helicopters as a transmission design compliance verification engineer (CVE).

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