Meet Delphina Procurement Competence Manager

Delphina - Competence manager

Delphina worked as a competence manager for the procurement function, before moving to various roles inside HR and communications. Read her story.

Delphina's path at Airbus

  • Assistant Director of Communication Paris, France
  • Manager Global Sourcing Network Operations Munich, Germany
  • Manager Procurement Competence Munich, Germany
  • Manager Corporate Internal Communications Toulouse, France
  • HR Corporate Communication Business Partner Toulouse, France

I rely on teamwork every day

Teamwork is at the heart of what I do! I don't have a team reporting to me, but I couldn't possibly do my job without a very high level of teamwork and, above all, team spirit. In my role as Corporate Communication Business Partner for the HR function, I totally depend on teams, within both HR and Communications, in order to successfully deploy our HR communication campaigns.

A big part of my daily work is aligning the communication teams across all our divisions and sites, ensuring they feel listened to, their input is taken into account and they have the appropriate level of information at corporate level. I also ensure that I am fully informed on what their teams are working on locally and, when it makes sense, try to tie these local initiatives into the company-wide ones.

My overall aim is to ensure that, through a high level of teamwork, the messages on HR topics reach all our employees in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

Meet Delphina - Procurement Competence Manager at Airbus

Active communication in the team helps

Every day, I work with people from different countries and I love it!

Airbus is certainly a diverse company, but as with all major corporations, there is always leeway to develop this further. Diversity is a key subject for me as I regularly work with the ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ teams to increase awareness of this topic across the company. I enjoy interacting with so many different nationalities: one of the main reasons I chose to work for Airbus was for its international footprint.

I come from a very international background, with a Dutch father and Australian mother, and I studied in France, the UK and the United States, before starting my career in Germany. I consider myself very fortunate: every day, I work with people from different countries and I love it!

Managing diversity can sometimes be a challenge – especially when trying to make sure our campaign taglines are meaningful in different languages and across boundaries – but it is definitely a plus for creativity!

Mobility: full support from the company

I experienced mobility twice since joining Airbus 11 years ago. The first time was in August 2006, when moving from Paris to Munich to start my career in the Global Sourcing Network team. At the time, I was an intern and had just signed my first full-time employment contract, but I received excellent support with the organisation of my move and with my German language classes, which turned out to be very useful as my German was more than rusty! 

Moving to Germany was an excellent experience and with hindsight I am so pleased I did it. Not only because it gave me the chance to meet my husband, but also because it taught me how to adapt, make a home away from home and discover a new culture and different ways of working.

The second time was in August 2013, when leaving Munich to come to Toulouse. Just like the previous move, I felt well supported by Airbus. The process was a little more complicated in terms of transferring my contract, but everything still went very smoothly.

As I was born and raised in France, this move back to the hexagon did not require as much adaptation on my side, even if life in the south of France is very different to Paris! I am now starting to think about my next move. Once you get started, it's difficult to stop!

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