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Airbus (Commercial Aircraft), Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence and Space
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Three Airbus Divisions are currently located in and around Madrid.

Based in Getafe, Airbus activities are wide-ranging: from design and development, to manufacture, assembly and testing of the horizontal tailplanes of many Airbus aircraft.

Activities carried out by Airbus Helicopters in Getafe, but also at Albacete, include the final assembly for the Tiger and NH90 aircraft. Other activities include sub-assembly production for the Tiger and H135 tailbooms and the NH90 front fuselage. There are also extensive fleet support facilities which can cater for civil and military helicopters, both those produced by Airbus and those of other manufacturers.

Airbus Defence and Space’s work in Getafe includes Tranche 2 Eurofighter activities and the transformation of A330 aircraft into MRTTs (Multi-Role Tanker Transport). 

Airbus locations - Madrid

Did you know?

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