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What we do

Bremen is the second-largest Airbus site in Germany and is responsible for the design, manufacture, integration and testing of high-lift systems for the wings of all Airbus programmes. The entire process chain for the high-lift elements is established here, including the project office, technology engineering, flight physics, system engineering, structural development, verification tests, structural assembly, wing equipping and delivery to the Final Assembly Lines. 

For the A400M, Bremen develops and manufactures the integrated fuselage assembly including the cargo loading system. Bremen is also known as the centre of competence for space transportation, manned space flight and space robotics. Its highly-skilled employees work on key programmes such as the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), the Ariane 5 space launcher and the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle – a joint project between NASA and ESA. Bremen is also responsible for the operation of the European components of the International Space Station (ISS).

Did you know?

Despite the title of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale being the ‘Town Musicians of Bremen’, the characters never actually arrive in Bremen.