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Did you know that in our space department, our employees work hard to send out the best equipment into Space, that are meticulously designed, assembled, verified and compliant ? It isn’t always an easy task, however greatly rewarding when your final product is out in the universe serving a true purpose. With exciting projects ahead of us, we need you. You are a space enthusiast at heart and no one is better than you in an electronics environment? We have a few opportunities for you in our quality assurance department, check them out in the link below. See you in Space! http://company.airbus.com/careers/jobs-and-applications/search-for-vacancies.html?queryStr=&city=Elancourt&country=fr&division=008&functional_area=0088

The digitalisation of production processes has ceased to be an option and become a necessity. "It is essential that the operators embark on the path towards digitalisation", says María, from the Digital Transformation Office. Her goal is to incorporate digitalisation at the production plants of all the Airbus divisions. With this aim in mind she is gathering information on the digitalisation status of all these facilities. But conclusions are not drawn only from studies and reports. María decided to don a set of overalls and live the day-to-day shopfloor experience as a worker at Getafe Plant. She spent a week there working with the operators. "You don't really understand what their work is all about until you put yourself in their position". On completion of her stay, María and her team, along with the other organisations involved, will develop and define a strategy for the launching of new digitalisation initiatives for the plants. "The digitalisation of the shopfloor is undoubtedly a key factor capable of providing important improvements in relation to quality, efficiency, costs and the product", she concludes. Would you like to play a part in the digitalization of production processes? Visit our careers website and check out our opportunities: https://tinyurl.com/ybne3dob #AirbusGetafePlant