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Our #Airbus IT Digital Accelerator team is at the Amazon Web Summit in Paris today! They have slipped into the crowd to collect customer feedback, discover new technologies and network! Will you be able to spot them to have a chat? Catch them all! #AWSPSSummit

Airbus at IIoT Talk Berlin: The next revolution in Aviation. Sensors throughout the A380 capture data on every aspect of the aircraft’s performance in-flight. This has enabled Airbus to monitor in-service behaviour of systems and components and to isolate any arising issues. Captured from across the in-service fleet, this data enables us to use advanced analytics to accurately determine root causes and rapidly respond with remedial action - reducing the response time so that 2 weeks becomes the norm rather than up to 2 years in the past! This is just one example of the tangible benefits connected technologies make possible at Airbus: from aircraft to digital aircraft to connected digital aviation. Anes Hodzic, VP Digital Transformation and IoT at Airbus, will present ‘Digital Transformation in the Aerospace Industry’ at the IIoT Talk conference in Berlin today. Would you like to work with Airbus in this exciting field? Check out our jobs linked to the IoT field here: https://tinyurl.com/ycxzth9u