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Alex Cayrel, 34 years, Aerodynamic engineer, geek and musician, always knew he’ll find his place in Airbus. However when you are young, dynamic and get bored very quickly, how to stay 10 years in the same company? Alex found the solution even if it is not always easy. He took advantage of the change operating in Airbus : “Digitalization is opening the boundaries of what is possible, breaking the silos, benefits from a particular momentum and digital profile are in the heart of this change”. “I love new technologies, Innovation and in such company, you have access to considerable means and you are encouraged to innovate”. So far, Alex has encountered comprehensive Management who understand his need of discover. Each year he’s jumping on a new project, learn everything he can learn, initialize change, ideate improvements and move! Today Alex is working on New Gen A/C Performance Monitoring project with employees coming from different horizons, with new ways of working and this fresh air is simply essential!

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